Shopify Limitations on Checkout Pages: How to Overcome Them for Better Conversion Rate

March 9, 2023
Shopify Limitations on Checkout Pages: How to Overcome Them for Better Conversion Rate

As a Shopify store owner, you have probably noticed that Shopify sets various limitations on your checkout page. These limitations are in place due to regulatory security and compliance issues, which means that Shopify restricts how the checkout page can look and function. But did you know that there are ways to change certain elements of your checkout page to give you a better chance of converting visitors to customers? In this article, we will show three things you can do right now to improve your Shopify checkout page conversion rate.

How to Make It Clear That You Accept Credit Card Payments". Change the "or" Text Line

Learn how to avoid losing customers who assume you don't accept credit card payments by making it clearer on your Shopify checkout page. By changing the default "or" text under alternate payment buttons, you can ensure customers understand they can pay with their credit card later in the process. Follow these simple steps to customize your Shopify checkout page and increase your conversion rate.

If you have enabled the express checkout buttons, such as Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay, etc., Shopify places branded buttons at the top of the first page of the checkout process. However, if your customer prefers to pay with an actual credit card, it can sometimes be difficult for them to tell if that is possible. They may abandon your checkout, assuming that you don't accept other payment methods besides what's shown at the top, as the first thing users see when they get to the checkout stage is the express checkout option.

To make things better, Shopify puts the word "or" in a small and light type under the alternate payment buttons. The problem many store owners face is that not all customers see this or understand that it means they can enter their credit card number later in the process.

One alternative to this that can often help is changing the word "or" to be a little bit more detailed. For example, you may change it to something like "or continue to pay with your credit card" or "use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover".

To change the "or" text, go to your store Shopify Admin Panel, then choose Online Store - Themes - Next to the "Customize" button, click on the three dots and choose "Edit default theme content"

Next, find the "Checkout & System" tab, or start searching for the word "alt". You will see the "Checkout alternative payment method banner" section. In the field under "Or" fill the text version that you think will be both good to explain and clearly visible to the user, as an option is to write the text in capital letters.

After the text is entered, save the result. Done

Improve the Checkout Experience by Changing the next step button text

Learn how to improve your online store's checkout experience by changing the Continue to shipping button text on the first checkout page. By making it more obvious that credit cards are accepted, you can provide clearer guidance for customers and reduce the risk of cart (or checkout) abandonment. Follow the simple steps outlined in this article to make this small but significant change and improve your customers' shopping experience.

On the checkout page, there is a button that says "Continue to Shipping". However, this text may not make it clear to all customers that they will need to enter their credit card information on the next step. To make it more obvious, consider changing the button text to phrase that directly references credit card payment.

On the first checkout page, the large button that says "Continue to Payment Method" is an excellent opportunity to signal to customers that you accept various payment methods, including credit cards. However, the text on this button may not be clear enough for all customers, which could lead to confusion and frustration.

To make it more obvious that credit cards are accepted, consider changing the button's text to "Enter Your Credit Card Next" or a similar phrase that directly references credit card payment. By doing so, you can provide clearer guidance for customers and reduce the risk of cart abandonment.

To change the button text, navigate to the checkout settings in your Shopify Theme content (same place as mentioned above) and locate the button labeled "Continue to Shipping." For ease you can use the search and enter the beginning of the section name or button, for example "Continue".

Then, change the text to your desired phrase, such as "Enter Your Credit Card Next," and click save. Refresh the checkout page to see the updated text.

By taking this small but significant step, you can help customers navigate the checkout process with more ease and clarity. While some customers may already understand the process, others may need more guidance to complete their purchase. Improving the checkout experience in this way can lead to higher conversions and happier customers.

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Maximizing Security in Shopify Checkout: Tips for Adding Trust to the Transaction Process

When it comes to the checkout page in Shopify, many want to add logos or trust marks to the payment section to assure users that their transaction is secure. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Shopify, except for those with Shopify Plus, which is costly. However, Shopify does provide a message stating that all transactions are secure and encrypted, located just above where customers enter their credit card details.

This message can be customized to read something like "We never store your credit card number and your payment is secure." To change this message, in the Theme content go to the language section of your store and update the text.

To do so, just start typing this text from the checkout page in the search, like "All transactions". Then in the results you should see a field with a title "Card security notice". Enter your text in this field and Save.

Be sure to check the spelling and accuracy of the message before saving. While adding trust badges is not possible in Shopify, the platform's built-in security measures are trustworthy.


Improving your Shopify checkout page conversion rate requires making changes to your checkout page that are easy to implement but can have a significant impact. By changing the "or" text line or adding more sense to the buttons and texts in the checkout stage, you can improve your conversion rate and make it easier for your customers to complete their purchase.

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