Digital Marketing Strategy – a series of actions based on data that helps achieve company goals through selected online marketing channels like paid, earned, media


Brand awareness

You want more people to know about your brand, products, services

Acquisition or lead generation

You want to reach people who’ve never bought from you before

Growth from existing customers

You want people who’ve already bought from you before to buy more frequently or buy a different kind of product

You can double your sales
without increasing the budget on ads
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What is included in Digital Marketing Strategy?

Niche and Brand Analysis

Study product and processes of the company, main competitors and market insights


Emphasizing target audience and segment it, highlighting the key idea and key messages. SWOT analysis

Goal Setting

Defining and setting measurable goals and ways to achieve them

Estimation, Planning and Implementation

Creating and executing a promotion plan. Analyzing the results and continuous optimization.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Strategy?

Understanding of Current Position on the Market

Campaigns audit, analysis of the nearest competitors and audiences

Understanding the Direction

Сlear plan for achieving marketing goals

Communication with Customer

Understanding and preparation of communication methods through brand, website, and inbound and outbound tools

Complex of Advertising Activities

Preparing an individual set of tools and recommendations for main goals realization

Working with

Analytics setup | Web Analytics works | Traffic and User behavior analysis | Conversion Rate Optimization | Email marketing

PPC ads | Facebook ads | Traffic and User behavior analysis | Apple Search Ads campaign

PPC Google Ads | Facebook Ads |Analytics setup | Web Analytics works |Traffic and User behavior analysis

Web Analytics works | Analytics setup | Traffic and User behavior analysis

Website Prototype | Design | Development

Paid ads | Web Analytics works | Analytics setup | Traffic and User behavior analysis

Google Ads | Email marketing | SEO

Google Ads | Email marketing | SEO

Website Prototype | Design | Development

Full cycle of web development and marketing works, from the scratch

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