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Ad types

Displayed in the top search results above the organic, as a result of a specific user query. Google shows paid ads, but charges only per click on ad.

A way to display banner ads with wide options in the settings. This can be an image or a text box next to an image or gif that contains a call to action. The advantages of such advertising are that it has many different formats and sizes of banners, as well as settings that are suitable for any product or service. It is also good for companies aimed to promote their own brand.

Showing of promotional videos as an advertisement on YouTube. The user will see your ad in video format, before or while watching chosen video. A great option to introduce for target audience brand, product or service.

Advertising that can be shown narrowly, with a specific product that a user was interested in on your site. Remarketing ad impressions can be set in the Google Display Network websites and Google Search - contextual advertising. Also, personalize advertising on sites and apps, for specific users who are looking for a specific product or service.

A great tool for retailers/eCommerce projects, which allows you to advertise products from your store with their characteristics such as product name, image, price, etc. Information about products could be updated dynamically right after updates on the website.

This is an effective ad tool where you can place interactive messages addressed to users. Ads (messages) are displayed at the top of the mail client, It's allowed to expand ads details by clicking on the message and could place the entire length of a regular letter. An ad may contain an image or video, etc.

Our Prices


Monthly budget: €2,000 - €5,000


Monthly per 1 channel

Dedicated manager

Preparation of a cooperation proposal (preliminary work plan, closure of financial and legal issues)

Audit of existing advertising account

Basic Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup (1-3 goals)

Recommendations for improving the website to increase the Conversion Rate

Pre-launch (technical project preparation for launch, the launch of a test advertising campaign, testing of masses and creatives, validation of hypotheses)

Performance analysis through Google Analytics, HotJar web analytics systems

Ad account setup, campaign's launch and optimization

Detailed report and preparation of the strategy for a long-term period

Monthly reporting

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual


Monthly budget: €5,000 - €10,000


Monthly, up to 2 advertising channels

All from Basic +

Adsets and creatives A/B testing

Development and validation of communication strategy

Creating remarketing audiences

Remarketing campaign launch

Dynamic retargeting. Preparation of the terms of reference for the creation of the product catalog

Google Shopping campaign

GDN and Youtube ads

Sales funnel audit|development and visualization

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual


Monthly budget: €10,000 - €20,000


Monthly, up to 3 advertising channels

All from Standard +

Google Analytics and Tag Manager audit

Google Analytics and Tag Manager audit event tracking setup (errors events, conversion clicks, user behavior tracking)

UX and usability analysis

Google Data Studio dashboard

Marketing model development

Customer Journey Map development and implementation

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google advertising services?
Google novice user advertising services is not always easy to deal with all the nuances the first time. First of all, you should understand that setting up targeting needs to be given enough time and attention, regularly monitor the effectiveness of your ads and clearly define keywords. These observations will make it possible to identify the most significant queries and make the correct adjustments to the ad setup.

If you let the matter take its course and do not give it enough focus, you will spend a lot of money wasted. For an advertisement to provide the desired result, it is necessary:
1. carefully select keywords;
2. use suitable analytics tools;
3. check the effectiveness of key queries;
4. monitor the constant updates of Google and be able to adapt to them.

If you don’t have enough time or skills to set up advertising properly, you can use the services of qualified advertising agencies. Such companies’ employees entirely focus their work on the Google Ads interface. They specialize in this area, know how to work with nuances, and are responsible for the result.

Professionally tuned advertising will help you attract many more customers, which will grow your business’s income. Our employees regularly adjust ads to expand the number of leads and attract more prospective clients for the company.

Experienced Google Ads professionals ensure your business has a steady stream of highly motivated customers. This will make Google searches profitable regularly.
How much does it cost to advertise in Google?
The Google Company provides the opportunity to set the basic options of the company. Therefore, all users have the opportunity without problems to control their costs. You will only be charged for advertisement if someone clicks on your ad. At first, you set the amount you can pay in one click. Then you need to assign the company’s daily budget. Google will withdraw the specified amount and will not exceed the limit.

You have to understand that advertising costs may be higher on one day and less on the next. It will also vary and performance, but the overall advertisement budget will not exceed the limit you set for a month.
Are Google ads worth it?
There are many benefits to using Google Ads for large enterprises and small businesses. After all, it becomes possible to increase coverage and track the profitability of your investment.

The main Google Ads benefits are:
1. Focus on potential customers who are interested in your product now.
2. The costs will not exceed your capabilities and the established budget.
3. Fast results. As soon as the advertisement is launched, you get an increase in the reach of your target audience almost immediately.
4. The ability to easily monitor and analyze the results.
5. With the right keywords, you can focus on niche and local markets.

By using less popular but specific keys, you can reduce the level of competition with large companies. Long-tail keywords are more effective in increasing conversion traffic to your site.

Not to worry about the proper use of Google ads and do not waste time and money, it is better to use the services of professionals.
Is Google ad good for dropshipping?
Google Company is one of the leaders among search systems. Google is a great platform for digital advertisement and dropshipping. But creating a powerful ad campaign takes additional time to analyze and research your targeted audience. It should be good to check everything and make an advertisement strategy before launching paid advertisement.

For making Google Ads more efficient, you can use these parameters in the setup:
1. company’s location, establishment,location of the shop, etc .
2. language
3. demography
4. keywords, phrases
5. device type.

Keywords play the leading role. They need to be given special attention. Focus on the important words and points that come up in Google searches the most.

Dropshipping business targeting can be customized according to specific parameters, making it more specific and detailed.
Do Google ads work for Shopify?
Half of the users surveyed said they use Google to find new products. The great thing is that you pay for advertising only when you get the measurable result – link clicks, purchases, etc.

Search, display network, shopping, and remarketing will help you to reach nearly all Internet users. According to Google, their Display Network reaches almost 90% of internet users in the world.

Working with

Our CRO agency is focused on providing services to e-commerce and online businesses working in the US and European markets. But our extensive experience allows us to provide B2B digital marketing services and promotion for SaaS projects in other niches.

Besides, we assist 5 partner agencies with providing services to their customers, both as a contractor and via a white label solution.

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