Web analytics – the process of collection, reporting, and analysis of website data to understand and optimize website usage. It helps to answer the questions "what and why" users are doing on the site.

Quantitative analysis

Acquisition, audience, content, device overview, etc.

Google Analytics health check

Сhecking if the tracking on the site is set up correctly

Qualitative analysis

User behavior tracking, heatmaps, mouse tracking, video session recordings.

What is included in Web Analytics?

Analytics Setup

• configuration of account, property and views
• defining of key metrics and goals
• setting goals and events tracking
• funnel setup
• Google Ads Sync
• creating segments and remarketing audiences
• setting filters

Web Analytics Audit

• marketing channels audit
• data collection analysis
• user behavior analysis
• defining the "money-leaking" places
• reporting
• more details in CRO research

Google Data Studio – service that allows building interactive reports to track and analyze users, traffic, goals achievements, etc. It shows in one place all main business KPIs.

Unite data

Unite data in one placeEasily connect data from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google and Facebook Ads, Google BigQuery and more

Explore data

Transform raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards

Share with your team

Automated dashboards that can be easily shared inside a company between different departments and one general report for the management

What is included in Data Studio Report?

Setting and connection Data Studio

• configuring connectors to import data
• definition of important metrics and data
• data visualization
• setting auto-reporting

Data analysis and interpretation

• research of the collected data
• interpretation of received information
• report preparation

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Why Are Web Analytics & Data Studio Report So Important?

Marketing performance analysis

By analyzing traffic sources, you can wisely invest in channels with the highest ROI

Audience analysis

Build knowledge about who your users are, their behavior patterns and journey map

Conversion analysis

Find your best-performing products and strengthen their presence on the web

Sales funnel analysis

Find 'money-leaking' places on the website and fix the issues

Accurate data tracking

Be sure that everything that needs to be tracked is tracked and measured

Share reports inside the company

Automated dashboards that can be easily shared with your team and management

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Analytics setup | Web Analytics works | Traffic and User behavior analysis | Conversion Rate Optimization | Email marketing

PPC ads | Facebook ads | Traffic and User behavior analysis | Apple Search Ads campaign

PPC Google Ads | Facebook Ads |Analytics setup | Web Analytics works |Traffic and User behavior analysis

Web Analytics works | Analytics setup | Traffic and User behavior analysis

Website Prototype | Design | Development

Paid ads | Web Analytics works | Analytics setup | Traffic and User behavior analysis

Google Ads | Email marketing | SEO

Google Ads | Email marketing | SEO

Website Prototype | Design | Development

Full cycle of web development and marketing works, from the scratch

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