Facebook Ads — allows promotion Worlds popular social networks (Facebook and Instagram), with the flexible, configure targeting and campaign goals from brand awareness to leads achieving

Benefits from targeted Facebook ads and Instagram:

Right audience - key to success

Facebook allows focusing on specific users' interests, behavior, devices, countries and much more. This lets you get the most interested in your business traffic.

Direct communication

Ads settings allow to direct your audience into messenger and start the sales process

Platform opportunities

Facebook has more than 1.3 billion of users that spend around 35 minutes daily there. Definitely, this is a great channel to use in sales


You decide when to pay: clicks, impressions or leads

Presence and PR

The presence of the brand in various networks increases clients' loyalty and trust

Campaign budget optimization

Based on your target, strategy and goals, you can effectively increase sales and other metrics

Our Prices


Monthly budget: €2,000 - €5,000


Monthly per 1 channel

Dedicated manager

Preparation of a cooperation proposal (preliminary work plan, closure of financial and legal issues)

Audit of existing advertising account

Basic Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup (1-3 goals)

Recommendations for improving the website to increase the Conversion Rate

Pre-launch (technical project preparation for launch, the launch of a test advertising campaign, testing of masses and creatives, validation of hypotheses)

Performance analysis through Google Analytics, HotJar web analytics systems

Ad account setup, campaign's launch and optimization

Detailed report and preparation of the strategy for a long-term period

Monthly reporting

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual


Monthly budget: €5,000 - €10,000


Monthly, up to 2 advertising channels

All from Basic +

Adsets and creatives A/B testing

Development and validation of communication strategy

Creating remarketing audiences

Remarketing campaign launch

Dynamic retargeting. Preparation of the terms of reference for the creation of the product catalog

Google Shopping campaign

GDN and Youtube ads

Sales funnel audit|development and visualization

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual


Monthly budget: €10,000 - €20,000


Monthly, up to 3 advertising channels

All from Standard +

Google Analytics and Tag Manager audit

Google Analytics and Tag Manager audit event tracking setup (errors events, conversion clicks, user behavior tracking)

UX and usability analysis

Google Data Studio dashboard

Marketing model development

Customer Journey Map development and implementation

Average prices are shown. For each project, calculations are individual

You can double your sales
without increasing the budget on ads
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Facebook ads worth it?
Facebook ranks as one of the most visited and cost-effective advertising platforms out there. The return on investment in advertising depends on how accurately you have defined a goal for yourself, understood the audience, understood the features of the tools, and selected the best broadcast option for your business.
Before launching an advertising campaign, you must carry out many activities: analytical and preparatory. Faced with difficulties and the amount of work ahead, an entrepreneur finds reasons to delay launching ads or chooses false goals. As a result, the advertisement doesn’t produce even minimal results.
What Facebook gives for business:
1. Facebook has over 2,5 billion active users. Among them, there are your clients. There are many customers on Fb.
2. Your ad is also seen by Instagram and Messenger users, which significantly increases potential clients.
3. The ability to place the most effective advertising based on the user’s interaction with the site.

Facebook advertising is a powerful business tool for every stage of the sales funnel and its overall performance. Thought, you will strengthen the influence of the brand on the network, make it recognizable. You also convert leads into clients who will eventually become brand advocates and advertise you without your involvement. Simply put, you get a free sales channel.

A distinctive feature of the Facebook advertising platform is the optional presence of a large budget. It is essential to properly set up the exchange of content between your pages, communities, and groups. You also need to choose the type of advertising for solving a specific task: attracting attention to a brand, selling a product or service, etc. But the most crucial thing in this whole game is a complete understanding of the target audience, needs, and thoughts.

It is getting harder to get organic traffic, especially in highly competitive spheres. Therefore, there is nothing left but paid advertising campaigns. The Facebook platform has brought together billions of people. The system collects information about each user — the time of active use, views, interests, hobbies, searches, etc. This information optimizes advertising algorithms, makes them the most as accurate as possible. This allows you to increase warm traffic, which companies transform into regular clients.
How can I use Facebook ads to get clients?
Facebook is a powerful tool in attracting new customers. But it is essential to understand that it is a social network, not an advertising platform. People come here not for shopping, but communication. This means that direct selling doesn’t work here.

But this does not mean that Facebook Ads should be abandoned. There are your clients here, but they need a different approach. They want “native” ads between the lines. To make such advertising can even novice businessman.
How do I advertise with ecommerce on Facebook?
With the correct formation of an advertising strategy, you will get the maximum result without wasting time, money, and energy. The main thing is to focus on the client, his needs, dreams. It is important not to exclude emotions that will help you “press the right button” and make the user pay you for a product or service.

Do not forget that advertising should be a part of the brand and convey positioning correctly. It is like a jigsaw puzzle in which every detail is part of something one whole. How to communicate with a customer in the same language? Only testing will help with this. Try to convey your message in different ways, monitor the reaction of subscribers, analyze what attracts their attention. You must create content that will make you profitable in the long run.

Listen carefully to your audience. Adjust your advertising strategy. Be flexible and open. This is the only way to guarantee your success even in

difficult times. Mistakes that “kill” the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook:

Error № 1. You don’t analyze ad campaigns. Your customers will tell you what works and what doesn’t, so it is very important to track the reaction to each advert.
Error № 2. Lack of strategy. Just placing ads on Facebook isn’t enough. Think about what you are telling what it might mean for you.
Do Facebook ads work for dropshipping?
Facebook advertising is a way to get to market quickly. With its help, you can effectively promote your products and ensure the flow of customers. But you need to be smart about the potential of dropshipping. For this, you should understand the market’s trends and be able to predict its development. Scenarios for market development are changing. Therefore, you need to be prepared for profit and loss of investment. You will be able to assess the situation and minimize risks.

Dropshipping is an exceptional business model. It has established standards that need to be adhered to. Otherwise, you will simply fall into the trap of the hype, which burns out as quickly as it flares up.

The success of dropshipping advertising depends on several factors:

1. niche;
2. the TA;
3. price;
4. competition;
5. relevance of the goods;
6. season, weather;
7. geography;
8. possibility of deliveries within the country and abroad.
Do Facebook ads work for Shopify?
Facebook + Shopify e-shop = perfect union. With the right advertising settings, even a beginner with a minimal budget can easily hit the jackpot. Already in the first few days, you will pay back the investment and get the first profit.

Facebook ads will attract those who really need your product or service. Algorithms display advertising work so that your brand will be in sight of the “warm” leads who seek what you sell.

If you understand the needs of your target audience, you can easily adapt advertising and get the maximum result with minimum investment. Also, you get loyal customers who will come back to you again.

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Besides, we assist 5 partner agencies with providing services to their customers, both as a contractor and via a white label solution.

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