How to optimize a website using analytic tools

December 19, 2022
How to optimize a website using analytic tools

How to optimize a website using analytic tools

Believe it or not only driving traffic is not enough for a successful business. To leverage the investment in acquiring more traffic, you need to use conversion rate optimization, to convince the visitor to complete the desired action.

The list below outlines many useful online marketing tools that can help in conversion rate optimization. This list will tell you where these tools are used and what are their features.

Google analytics

Did you implement a strategy? Great, measure it. You just added a new feature. Well – how many people are using it? Are visitors getting converted to customers?
After collecting the Google Analytics data, you can identify many website conversion problems. Maybe category pages are a problem – not enough people are clicking on the product pages. Or users get to the product pages, but only 1% of them are purchasing. Some products pages do well, but some suck. Maybe plenty adds to cart and abandon carts before giving credit card information. All this information is crucial for successful e-commerce conversions.


In many ways, Mixpanel picks up where Google Analytics leaves off. It has a user-centered tracking system which is very robust and enables you to send individual and group messages.
Mixpanel gives you essential details for monitoring visitor behavior. It enables you to see which acquisition channels are best for customer retention or lifetime value, not only drive initial conversions.
This tool enables you to learn how your logins compare to last year. You can even break it down by weeks, device, browser or any other segment. You can zoom in on a single user, his activities and understand his behavior. You can even divide users into groups to monitor their behavior, time spent and retention.
The more user data you’ll feed into Mixpanel more it’ll be to shape your business decision and you’ll extract more value from it.


Hotjar is a powerful tool which helps to monitor online behavior, create heatmaps, session recordings, forms tracking, surveys and polls. It provides ‘the big picture’ of the website’s user experience and the user’s journey.
This tool shows Heatmaps which allow you to understand where users are clicking, tapping and scrolling visually both on mobile and desktop devices. What most users want, what are their most reliable indicators of desire?
It also helps eliminate a lot of guesswork about user behavior. You can visualize usability issues in a fly by recording real visitor behaviors. It shows their clicks, taps and mouse movements.
It also helps you find at which step most visitors are leaving your website, which forms fields are too long to fill, which are left blank. All these allow you to find the most significant opportunities for testing and improvement.

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VWO (Visual website optimizer)

Visual website optimizer is one of the best tools for testing your landing pages and website analysis. It is known for it’s easy to use interface and in-depth experiments. It also allows you to A/B test your website and application to see which variant perform well.


Formisimo is a powerful form analytics platform. When you see that your form and checkouts are not performing well but you don’t know what to change and how to prioritize improvements, Formisimo shows you user-behavior insights which can help you improve your forms.
It works with every type of form like multi-step form, checkouts, single page applications, AJAX forms, forms behind a firewall or login, forms without an id or name, input with dynamic id, HTML forms.
It measures granular interactions with fields and compares your fields to the rest of the industry using field health score. Field health score gives you traffic light (green, amber, red) and a percentage score so you can see at a glance which field is going good or bad.
You can also segment your data by the device, and you can also see data from any time.

Website analytics setup and research is the basic step we do in the beginning of every CRO proccess.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization, how it works and how it can help your business you can find in this article

All these tools help you analyze your user behavior, their demographics and their actions on your website. They also give you deep insights into the process of achieving your business goals.

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