Get your own experience with Google Optimize and learn how to run A/B tests

December 19, 2022
Get your own experience with Google Optimize and learn how to run A/B tests

Google Optimize is a tool that will help you to find out what color of the button, or text makes customers interested and provokes them to make a desirable action. It allows you to modify and create an alternative version of any element. And also see how changes affect various indicators. By installing and running Google Optimize (on Shopify or WooCommerce store), your customers are divided into experimental and control groups. The experimental group will see the new version of elements, and the control group will see the same.

Which indicators can be traced:

  • client’s time on the website;
  • income and refusals of purchases;
  • pageviews and transactions;
  • actually, almost any metric that you can get out of Google Analytics.

The main condition for tracking is that you must select one primary and one secondary metric. By the way, in Google Optimize they are called goals.

How to run your first experiment?

You need to be prepared for your first experiment

  1. Log in to your Google account;
  2. Create a new document in Google Optimize;
  3. Set up the code in Google Optimize on the website;
  4. Synchronize Optimize with Google Analytics;
  5. Install extensions for Chrome to edit pages.

Now, you are ready to run your first experiment.

  • Go to the Google Optimize website and follow our instructions. Do not forget to select the type of experiment and choose which page you will test.

The next step is setting up your first A/B testing.

  • Create a page where you will make changes for the testing;
  • In the testing version, click the change button and choose the designer mode
  • In the designer mode, select the element you want to change, delete, or edit the code or the style
  • After editing, click “Done”
  • Set up your targeting, When setting up, you can select one specific page or the one with a URL​
  • Don’t forget about the target audience. You can set limits of displays by device, source, etc
  • Select the goals that you want to measure during testing. The goal can be standard from Google Analytics or custom based on the events.
  • Done! You will need about 2 weeks and participants for reliable data, indicators and results can be tracked by selected targets. Based on the volume of traffic, you would probably need more than 2 weeks to get the statistically significant result.

What else can Google Optimize do:​

There are no restrictions. You can experiment with any elements. You can try out some of the ideas given in this article Just some of them:

  1. Graphic elements on the home page.
  2. The design of product cards.
  3. The design of the catalog on the website.
  4. Additional advertising blocks on the page.
  5. Instalments and credits blocks to the product page.
  6. Changes to the copy.
  7. The presence or absence of product recommendations and reviews.
  8. Different types of product recommendations.

Even with minimal improvements to your site’s interface, you can increase the number of sales and conversion rates on the page. customers will choose your resource more often because they will be able to quickly and easily find the information they need and make purchases.

Improve, experiment, sell.

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