Create compelling product pages on your eCommerce store and increase sales and revenue

December 19, 2022
Create compelling product pages on your eCommerce store and increase sales and revenue

For no visitor to pass by the offers on your site, it is necessary to develop and fill a product or service page efficiently. After all, the convincing information on the page will be 99% motivation for the client to purchase.

But what exactly will help to increase sales and how to do it properly?

For this purpose, our CRO agency provides a few significant hints on what to pay attention to.

These recommendations are suitable for stores on popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., as well as for custom solutions.

Creating a high-converting sales page in 5 steps

Our CRO experts have gathered effective advice that will help to design a product page so that your customers buy from you, rather than doubt, looking for more information and proof from competitors.

Step 1: Number of product images

Pay attention to images and product demonstration through media materials. This is literally the first thing users pay attention to when landing on the product page! Keeping this in mind, you should:

  • Fill the page with enough images. The customer cannot touch, look at the size or evaluate the quality. Help him do it with 4-10 product photos from different angles.
  • All photos must be of high quality and sufficiently attractive so the user wants to buy the product;
  • Add a short description of the key benefits of the product on the image so that users viewing pictures at once can noted their advantages;
  • Add a photo of a product’s appearance in real life, not just on a white background.

Step 2: Sticky Add to Cart button

A micro-conversion is the best thing you can do for your business and make users closer to the purchase. Considering this, make sure to:

  • Make “Add to Cart” button prominent on the page so the buyer cannot bypass it;
  • The button can be made sticky – when viewing all the information on the page, it will follow the actions of users and at the right moment, will be ” near at hand”.

Step 3: Show the price correctly

It is important to provide a clear price for users and not provoke any questions and subsequent doubts, as during the periods of promotions or sales as well as regular periods.

  • During sales and the period of constant discounts, indicate clear and prominent prices for the product;
  • To get the buyer’s attention, cross out the previous price. Additionally, you can add a note “Last sale” or that message that lets the users realise they don’t have a lot of time to put off this purchase.

Step 4: Cross and Up-selling

Cross and Up-selling are appropriate and reasonable both from a business angle and for the customer suggesting to buy something extra. The key thing is that the offered extra product should be worthwhile for the customer. Here’s an example: You came to a cafe for a hot dog and were also offered Coke. Doubt that you will refuse from this offer, especially if it is a special offer with a discount on such a combo.

You need to create the same effect on the product page. This can be done using the following marketing techniques:

  • “Buy a set….”;
  • “You may also like…”;
  • “Often bought with”;
  • “Add it to your cart and get a 10% discount on…”.

Step 5: Save the item to buy later

We all need time to “think” sometimes. And this opportunity should be given to customers. It is a manifestation of loyalty and respect for their desires.

  • Allow site visitors to save favourites;
  • Don’t forget to ask customer’s e-mail to stay in touch constantly.

Additional tips for 100% purchase

  • List the options for products that have different sizes and colors.
  • Expand product descriptions by expressing your own brand idea in the text
  • Note “Availability”. Add a mark to the page about the presence or absence of the product. This will save manager’s time who will not spend it explaining that there are no products. And the buyer will not be disappointed because he will know in advance that there is no product. Don’t forget that a box with the words “Product is running out” also increases sales and visitor engagement.
  • Remove unnecessary parameters that are not of interest to your customers.
  • Create a page with information about delivery or return policy.
  • Sell your product with compelling, selling text. Recommend to re-read it from time to time

Most importantly, these recommendations should be properly implemented for desktop and mobile users. Therefore, you should devote the same time to these two categories of devices.

Optimize your conversion rate on your site pages and earn even more with our tips.

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