Case study | How deep customization of the analytics system helped to improve marketing and user performance

February 23, 2023
Case study | How deep customization of the analytics system helped to improve marketing and user performance

This case will describe how the deep customization of the analytic system and tight teamwork helped to quickly launch and optimize advertising campaigns as a result of which the client received a significant increase of applications, as well as making prepayments for booking space in the camp.


Client: Language Camps Booking Service provides an option for parents to choose a camp abroad to study foreign languages for their children. It gives access to the full list of services that the camp provides, read reviews, choose the period of staying in the camp, calculate the cost, make a prepayment. Active work of the service – 2 times a year before winter and summer vacations.  The rest of the time users (parents) are only interested in options where they can send their child and what are the offers for the period of future holidays-off.

Task: During the off-season, run an audit of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (Google health check works), configure, in addition to setting up the main website goals (conversion buttons), need to set up events that will help to better understand user actions. Set up Google Analytics E-commerce to understand the effectiveness of offers, traffic sources, queries, the ability to quickly analyze the best offers and get more audience data. Apply this knowledge and data to set up advertising tools.

✓ Google Analytics
✓ Google Tag Manager
✓ Google Tag Assistant
✓ Google Analytics Debugger
✓ HotJar

What was done

As a result of interviews with the project team, and the initial project audit, the following actions and additional objectives were defined:

In addition to the main tasks, it was defined that for better analysis of user behavior the client was advised to set up Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce, which will help to analyze users at each stage of the funnel (from the moment of entering the site, till the application completion or making prepayment). This setting also will help to collect the audience for remarketing and display them the most relevant ads and offers to return them to the website and finish their action, like choose an offer or complete the application, depending on the stage at which the user left the site.

Work content:

  1. Analyzed the existing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts.
  2. Since the client had no sales funnel setup, we analyzed the following pages: Category Page – Product Page – Cart Page – Success Page.
  3. Set up Main goals, horizontal and vertical funnels.
  4. Installed and set up Hotjar and Formissimo services to analyze and track user behavior on the site, get statistics and insights on filling out applications.
  5. Using Google Tag Manager we set up events tracking on significant pages of the site: Main Page – Category Page – Product Page – Cart  Page – Success Page that helped to identify the user behavior on their way to conversion.
  6. Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce is set up. This work consisted of two parts:
  • The technical task was prepared for the dev team to set up and send events for of events for Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce.
  • Set up Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce with the help of Google Tag Manager by RocketCROlab team.

7.  Segmented the audience at each level of the funnel for further work on returning the audience using the Google and Facebook ads tools.
8. Prepared the detailed manual for work with Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce and description of the data that gets into Google Analytics Reports.


Along with the works on the main setup of the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, our team started preparing the technical task for the developers to send data from the website to the Google Tag Manager data layer with the following transfer to the Enhanced E-commerce. Since the Clients development team was overloaded by their internal tasks, to get things done as fast as possible we involved a developer from our side. It took about 3 weeks to set up and execute the implementation task as well as to test the works that were done.

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As a result Google Analytics began collecting information about user traffic before the start of the season. This information helped in getting additional visits and leads, which were returned through remarketing: depending on the stage where users interrupted their session on the website, to users through the ads were offered different proposal / discounts. For example:  discounts on early orders gave an increase in new leads  before the start of the season more than 90% compared to the same period last year and increased the number of leads as a total (by 30%).


Primary goals were achieved.

The achived tasks combined with marketing, showed almost immediate result in increasing the percentage of conversion. Setting up the Google Analytics and providing training for the client how to work with reports and data, gave more understanding to the client in user behavior.

Based on the results of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up, events data collection, was prepared an UX audit report where was collected recommendations and hypotheses  for further improvements, development and A/B tests.

Recommendations on the next steps were accepted, but not taken into action due to the start of the season. We hope to continue cooperation to demonstrate even better results.

ROCKET CRO LAB is a full cycle ecommerce CRO agency.

Our works include health checkup of analytics setup, heuristic analysis, user experience research, competitive analysis to understand your position against competitors, develop Heatmap and Scrollmap reports to find where your customer is finding the interest and develop insights based on the data. After that, we do data backtesting. Then our team develops well-structured hypotheses, which are based on user behavior and start A/B testing based upon data and insights gathered in the research phase.

We verify that goals are being achieved, the conversion is being tracked correctly, ensure error frees tests. We check cross-browser testing, cross-device testing and multi-page testing to minimize the errors.

As a ROCKET CRO LAB client, you can significantly improve your conversion rate without adding extra work for your web or marketing team.

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