Case study: +125% to conversion rate in sales for eCommerce store of make-up mirrors

December 19, 2022
Case study: +125% to conversion rate in sales for eCommerce store of make-up mirrors

We were approached by “Hollywood Mirrors”, the leading company selling make-up mirrors in the UK. Unlike their competitors, their products feature premium quality, a five-year warranty, fast delivery, and originality. And the site is visited by more than 50,000 people each month.

Our works

The client’s main request was to increase conversion in sales with the current volume of traffic. First of all, we carried out several stages of preparatory work:

  • Examined the key pages of the user path;
  • To obtain the correct data, we adjusted Google Analytics and added several events, which allowed us to understand the user behavior on the site.
  • Changed the current usability analysis software from Lucky Orange to Hotjar, as it had more features.
  • Conducted an audit of previous advertising campaigns, the target audience, and the results obtained.
  • Analyzed the sales funnel, prepared a UX audit, found “money-leaking” places and prepared a list of observations and recommendations.

And then we began the most important and time-consuming part of the work - the CRO audit!

We conducted a site audit, which allowed us to identify weaknesses in the interface and actively work on improving it. Since the site was developed on the Shopify platform, it was quite easy to make changes;

We studied user behavior on the store’s product page and found out what problems customers face at different stages of product purchase;

Analyzed heat maps and video sessions that helped determine customer actions and behavior on a whole site;

After analyzing the Sales funnel, we found out that 95% of users dropped-off on the Product page.

On the heat maps, we saw some users left the Product page before the average fold line without seeing the Add to cart button.

In the screenshot below, you can see the initial layout of the product page. Unexpectedly, there was a block that seemed like a clickable call to action button “Get it first. Pay later”. On the heat maps, we confirmed that users actively interacted with that element.

HM Initial version of the product page

As you might have guessed, it was not a button but a banner.

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After researching, we determined that customers were leaving the website confused because they thought the button was just broken.
Based on the received data, we decided to start with the optimization of the first screen of the product page:

Rewrite the product value description and raise it up;

Add some trust icons – a 100% money back icon + free shipping icon;

We replaced the “button” image that was misleading users and made it less prominent.

As a result, we implemented an alternative version of the page for the test:

HM Test version of the product page

After running the A/B test with the changes described above, we got the following results:

AB test results

It should be noted that in this test, the name “control” version was the alternative version.

As a result, as you can see, according to the test results, the conversion of the site in sales has increased by two times! Furthermore, compared with the original version, with only 20 sales, the test version brought 42 sales. Accordingly, profits also increased twice.

The test, which we launched with the help of the Shopify plugin – Neat A/B Testing, lasted about three weeks and was stopped when the significance level reached 95% with a statistical power of 99%.

According to the results, the test was implemented, and we continued to test the following hypotheses and work on new findings.

Additional perks that we provided to the client:

A plan with observations and hypotheses, which was continually updated;

New business tools and recommendations for their use;

Continuous research including customer surveys on how to increase the CR in transactions.

Hypothesis list


As you can see, CRO for eCommerce is one of the most powerful business tools available, which enables you to:

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the landing page, as well as potential points of growth;

See opportunities to improve conversion to sales. This was the key indicator that we focused on in our work;

Increase revenue and take the company to a whole new level.

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