6 Email Marketing automations you need to set up before the holiday and sale season starts

December 19, 2022
6 Email Marketing automations you need to set up before the holiday and sale season starts

RocketCroLab team decided to share this article because these are the solutions we recommend most often to clients who come to us at the launch stage or minimal implementation of email marketing. Results of such performances exceed all expectations.

Therefore, we can call this article 100% best practice for businesses considering launching an email marketing direction or improving it. We hope that after you have read it, you will gain some valuable insights and implement them to grow your profits.


They are on their way. There’s not much time left – a flood of emails competing for your attention is coming!

Month-long Black Friday specials. Discounts for friends and family. Special delivery offers — a massive abundance of holiday gift selection guides. Soon, the holiday shopping season will be upon us, and consumers will increasingly take heed of these messages and recommendations, whether they’re ready for it or not.

Brands are getting ready for this season. Many spend most of the year preparing for Super Bowl sales. And given the new challenges and restrictions around the world, the earlier brands start preparing this year, the better!

At other times, your brand can generate substantial potential revenue during the holiday shopping season. But in the run-up to the holidays, this statement is even more true as consumers continue to stay home and shop safely online.

Yes, you have the chance to make a high income. But you also need to do more work to make sure your marketing strategy prepared for the holiday season goes off without a hitch. Email marketing automation can help you do that.

New customers find your brand mainly because of your marketing, but you should consider all the new customers who discovered your brand as a result of having to come to your online shop because of COVID-19.

Would they have found your brand under different circumstances? Maybe yes. Maybe not.

Will they stay with you and continue to shop when they can quickly go back to shopping in usual shops? Again, maybe yes. Maybe not.

Email marketing automation can be helpful in cases where you need to introduce your product or a brand to new visitors, form individual preferences, and begin to build a relationship that can be continually maintained until the user becomes a regular customer.

Here are six essential email series that can be set up now (if you haven’t already) that will help you easily engage customers while shopping and ensure that users can’t just walk through your brand and not make a purchase this year. These recommendations can also serve as the basis for your email marketing strategy.

Welcome series

One of the most effective marketing automation ways you definitely should do is through a Welcome series.

When someone says, “Yes, I want to receive notifications from you,” and gives you their emails, this is a crucial moment when you can begin to nurture a stronger relationship with these personas.

With a welcome series, you can send a set of pre-prepared emails to your site visitors as soon as they subscribe to your newsletters. You can use this series to provide whatever information you think is most relevant as users begin their journey of getting to know your brand.

Here are some examples of information that will be useful to users at this stage:


  • Introduce your business. Who are you? What do you stand for? What can they expect from you?
  • Suggest products. Which TOP products might they like? Which products are some of the most popular and highly valued by other buyers?
  • Ask questions about user preferences so that you can tailor the content of follow-up emails more effectively and in a more personalized way. For example, which shirts do they like better, red or blue? Do they prefer basketball or football?

Whatever the size of your business, the Welcome Series is an essential part of Email Marketing to help you start building relationships with your customers. With a 63% higher average open rate for welcome emails and an 86% higher click-through rate than a regular newsletter, this series is an effective way to engage subscribers.

example of sequence mapping and email design

Abandoned cart series

If you have an online store, likely, you constantly face a situation where people put items in their carts and do not complete the purchasIt’st’s a regular thing. People abandon their carts for a variety of reasons.

While making dinner, some users may have been browsing the site, but the pasta had already boiled, and they were distracted. Others were comparing prices with products from your competitors. Some have added an item to their cart and are waiting for it to hit a sale. Others didn’t have a credit card nearby and forgot to go back and complete the purchase. The list could go on and on.

Abandoned cart automation is a series of emails you send to shoppers after leaving your site to remind them of the items they have left in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase.

These emails have been proven to help brands attract attention and bring back potential lost revenue.

According to public sources, more than 3,000 US brands generated over $60 million in revenue in just three months of using a series of abandoned cart emails.

It can be challenging to determine which messages to send with the abandoned cart notification and how many emails to send to avoid annoying users. For each business, it can vary the number of emails and content depending on several factors. We suggest you also check open sources, ems system blogs and consult directly with experts to find the best strategy for this series.

example of sequence mapping and email design

Browse abandonment series

Abandoned browsing emails are similar to abandoned cart emails. Still, they are specifically for those identifiable users who visited your site, researched certain products, but left before adding something to their cart.

These shoppers have shown interest in your products, even though they didn’t add them to their cart. A series of abandoned browsing is a valuable way of doing the same thing you do with a series of abandoned carts – reminding shoppers of the items that caught their attention and encouraging them to make a purchase.

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Back in stock automation

There may be a situation where the demand for your products exceeds the actual stock you have planned to have on hand for the holidays – everyone would have such a problem, but it’s a problem anyway!

Rather than letting those customers interested in the product look elsewhere for something similar, put a form on your website next to the product so they can sign up to get the notification when the product is back in stock.

By giving shoppers the option to be notified when a product is back in stock, you can set up an automated inventory management system that will automatically contact shoppers interested in your products and recover potentially lost revenue.


Once users have purchased on your site, how do you maintain their interest, create brand loyalty and convert them into loyal customers? A series of post-sales can help you do this. And it really works!

The data shows, unlike onetime campaigns, these types of emails have higher open rates, click-through rates, and revenue per recipient.

Implementing a post-sales series will help you segment your customers so that you can automatically send them the most relevant messages that might interest them. This series will also help you encourage people to return to your site, motivate customers to make their next purchase, get feedback from your customers and build a positive user experience.

Upsell or cross-sell flows

After someone purchases on your website, use the opportunity to recommend additional products similar to the one they have just purchased.

Let’s say someone bought a blue shirt on your site. You could use a series to automatically recommend to users the same shirt in a different color, or a pair of trousers or a skirt that they could wear with their new blue shirt.

A series of up-sells or cross-sells will help you generate relevant related products for customers based on their previous buying behavior. This will help you personalize the experience your customers have with your brand and also help you increase repeat purchases.

example of sequence mapping and email design


Although the holidays themselves are not yet coming, the marketing season is about to begin.

Cyber Weekend will occur again in late November, leaving fewer days between the famous shopping weekend and the remaining holiday season, so brands will ramp up their marketing efforts and offer Cyber Weekend-style discounts even earlier this year, especially given the shipping issues that are likely to occur this year too, due to the continued increasing number of online purchases.

Marketing automation tools like these can help you work smarter, not harder, at the busiest time of year. Use these strategies to increase sales, create a personalized experience for your customers and use your resources effectively as part of your marketing strategy.

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