10 tips on how to create a visually successful product page on eCommerce site

December 19, 2022
10 tips on how to create a visually successful product page on eCommerce site

Who do you think they will buy from: sellers whose product on the site is a 2011 png image from Google stock and a non-functional product page? Or from businessmen who conducted a photo session, created a video of the product in action, developed a bright visual concept for the site? Of course, from the second. Because people buy with their eyes first.

It’s important for the buyer to:

  • see correctly designed reviews, advantages, characteristics;
  • find out what colors or sizes there are, if we are talking about a clothing store;
  • evaluate the quality and reliability of the product even through the screen;
  • get answers in the FAQ section faster than questions arise.

We have prepared effective tips for you and compiled them into a checklist. Try using our recommendations to:

  1. increase the number of applications from the site without additional investments in advertising;
  2. increase conversion on product pages;
  3. attract more target and paying audience.

Let’s start!

1. Emotionally connect your users with inspirational products images​

The characteristics must explain and the benefits must sell. Visitors are interested in more than just the characteristics and features of the product. They want to see how they can use it, what benefit the thing can bring. Therefore, the product image should ideally convey positive emotions to potential buyers.

2. Post an image showing all color variations (if any) of the product together​

The image of all options allows visitors to view and explore the images of exactly the option they like.

3. Add text to product images to explain or highlight certain features

Adding a little text will be very helpful when describing how to use some technical products or important features that might be overlooked.

4. Make sure the images of the product allow you to correctly estimate the product’s size. Also add pictures used in context

The size can be described in detail, but this does not mean that visitors will read it. It is better to indicate the dimensions directly in the picture or add a link to estimate its size.

People will be much more confident that the item suits their needs. Include a photo of how to use the product in practice. Also, add accompanying pictures. All this will help visitors appreciate it better.

5. First, show a representative image of the product

Choose the first photo from the gallery that should appear carefully. It will help you make the best first impression with potential buyers.

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6. If you are selling products, make sure your image gallery takes up most of the screen width

Since products tend to rely on images, it is a good idea to set aside more of the screen width to display them effectively.

7. Include videos or short clips in your image gallery

Videos help visualize a product in a way that images cannot. Try to implement one video for each product you sell. But the video player must be turned off by default. Ideally, it should be signed and easy to use. This will allow people to reuse certain features.

8. Try not to show more than 10 reviews at a time, or it can overwhelm your visitors

It should be possible to upload more reviews if visitors want to dig deeper and find specific answers to their questions.

9. At the top of the product’s page, include the average rating and the number of people who left a review

By clicking on the average rating, visitors should be navigated down to the review section. If there are no reviews yet, then you can invite visitors to the category “Write a review” by notification.

10. If you include FAQs on your product pages (which we recommend, especially for technical ones), allow visitors to add their questions

It may happen that the FAQ does not answer all the questions that visitors may have. So give them a chance to ask questions. A support agent or other reviewer can answer these questions.


It will take several days to create and design a page according to modern product promotion trends. But the main effect you will achieve will pay off in a few orders. Therefore, do not delay the opportunity to increase your profit, but get busy creating a convenient interface for the buyer.

If you want to know your “money-leaking” places on the website and fix them, you can request a short strategy call below, and our manager will contact you.

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