Choose fast ways to increase mobile conversion and get more leads

February 12, 2024
Choose fast ways to increase mobile conversion and get more leads

We conduct 4 market research every month to help our clients increase profits and convert new users into loyal customers. And today, we want to share with you the most effective strategies for improving mobile conversion rates.


  • Each business contacting us has its own characteristics
  • The suggested strategies work in our case and may not work in yours

Test methods and improve your ROI. And if you don’t have time for that, get in touch. We will conduct tests and, thanks to the results, we will bring customers.

6 effective ways to increase your mobile conversion


It is necessary to study the audience’s preferences that will use the application. This will allow you to make a hypothesis and conduct A / B testing. The main secret of successful research is connecting people to different devices (computers or phones). This helps to identify user issues when using different interfaces. Surveys should also be connected to surveys to segment the results and use the information to improve the website.



Google and Adobe analytics tools will identify potential issues holding back mobile conversion rates. As an option: perhaps you are good at buying through a tablet but almost never buy on the phone because its interface is inconvenient. Also, thanks to analytics, you can determine the average duration of a user’s stay on the site, the number of bounces from different devices. And use it all to find and fix the platform issue.


Separating your research metrics will help you discover what works particularly well on one device and not at all on another. The study will show the difference between users of mobile devices and other devices. This approach and the decomposition of information on the shelves will help optimize the mobile version of the site and increase the conversion on it.


Everything influences people’s intentions and purchasing behavior, especially their environment. One company did a study: they analyzed people who buy building materials. And found that most order goods when at home. And those who use the mobile application most often are already at the construction site and they urgently need to purchase something in the process. That is, the second type of users was influenced by the main factor: urgency as motivation. Determine where the customer finds when buying and which version is more convenient for him to use.


Control what you create. When designing UX, look closely at how the product looks on different devices. Before we release something new to the world, the team spends hours to make sure the user is comfortable with everything from landing on a page to completing a purchase. You can use the Browserstack app to check the quality. It will help you see how the site looks on all devices.


Nothing is more infuriating than a site with errors and snail speed. Therefore, your task is not only to create a visually correct and pleasant interface, but also to ensure that it works quickly. The speed benefits of the platform are many: higher Google rankings, lower bounce rate, better conversions. Check the speed of mobile and desktop version at the link:

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