Case study | CRO: Manufacturer of ceramic figures. How to optimize your old-designed website

February 12, 2024
Case study | CRO: Manufacturer of ceramic figures. How to optimize your old-designed website

This case about how old-fashioned site increased their CR by 800% (x9 times) and how business became happy when we found out where and why it was losing the money.


Client: Manufacturer of ceramic figures. On the website there is the an options to select a design from available templates, as well as to order designing of your custom model from the photos that you provide.

Task: To increase the number of designing custom mockup orders.

Tools and channels:
✓ Google Analytics
✓ Google Tag Manager
✓ Visual Website Optimizer
✓ HotJar
✓ Formissimo

What was done

– Google Analytics audit, website technical analysis (high bounce rate pages, page load speed, etc), traffic, devices, user behavior analysis.

– Set up the goals, horizontal and vertical funnel.

– Installed and configured Hotjar and Formissimo to analyze user behavior on the site.

– Set up events tracking on pages from the sales funnel.

– Other settings in GTM and GA.

While analyzing we have found out that the primary traffic goes to the main page. It was possible to order the custom design model by selecting an appropriate section in the horizontal navigation menu, but it was hidden in a drop-down menu(!). While analyzing events and heatmaps on Homepage, we have found out that users interact with product cards more and less with the navigation menu. To increase the number of orders, we have decided to place a carousel banner with prominent CTA on the main page, which leads to a page with a form. On the Homepage, we have removed/moved down the distracting elements, namely the blocks with pictures, which led to products/categories. Also, we’ve added some value proposition text with discount. The page with the form has been completely redone: we have reduced the number of fields in the form (according to insights from Formissimo), have removed footer and header and changed the design of the page.

Additionally, we redesigned checkout step: footer and breadcrumbs removed, link on logo removed, other minor corrections.

After new design completion and approval, we have launched A/B test that lasted about a month.


The test variant design has CR increased by 9 times (growth by 800%) and revenue increased by 3 times.

You can double your sales
without increasing the budget on ads

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We verify that goals are being achieved, the conversion is being tracked correctly, ensure error frees tests. We check cross-browser testing, cross-device testing and multi-page testing to minimize the errors.

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